I am constantly looking at life through a creative lens. It is not life’s perfections that grab my attention, but the subtlety of life’s imperfections that grab my heart and stir my imagination. Although my work is very linear, architectural, and precise in appearance, there are still the hidden and varied moments that advance my work. Working with multiple layers, light, color, and texture, I seek to offset the random and structured elements of design to achieve balance and continuity. My desire is to work differently, expressing my own unique style, looking to see how I can create in new and interesting ways.


Creative kindness! If I am to create, then there must be a sense of purpose. I choose to be kind. My purpose is to work differently with the intent of helping those who are in my life. With every project I take on I look to see how I can encourage and enhance the lives of others. If by the end of the day I have made a difference in some small way, then I feel we have succeeded. If we laugh along the way all the better, for creativity is designed to be joyful. In kindness I find creativity is allowed to shine. 


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