I am constantly looking at life through a creative lens. It is not life’s perfections that grab my attention, but the subtlety of life’s imperfections that move me. Although my work is very linear, architectural, and precise in appearance, there are still the hidden/subtle imperfections which peek through that move my work forward. In a world where perfectionism is now the unattainable standard, I am constantly willing life’s imperfections to win out. It’s the hidden subtleties of life that grab hold of our hearts, make us look twice, and make us feel like there is something more. It’s why I seek to see creativity differently and to express my own unique viewpoint. 



The primary element in my work that inspires me is CHANGE. I am constantly looking at my work to see where I can grow and create in new and interesting ways. It’s the constant search of some new insight, on which I can build, that moves my work forward. I work with multiple layers of light, color, and texture, thus bringing a three-dimensional element to my work. I seek to strike a balance between the random and the structured elements in my work, to give it both balance and continuity.



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